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Meet Michael Vaughan, OBE
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“FITISM works. It’s that simple."

Meet Michael Vaughan


"FITISM works. It’s that simple."

"If you want to get in great shape without being constrained to a diet or boring exercise routines I highly recommend you listen to these guys. It will change your life.

4 years following my retirement from professional sport the time had come to get back in shape. Coming from a lifetime of professional cricket and constantly being surrounded by teammates I new I could not do it on my own. So back in 2011 with some encouragement from my wife (a Christmas voucher to be exact) I started my new health regime with FITISM.

During my professional career advancements in exercise and nutrition were slowly creeping into the game. This was not happening by mistake. Slowly but surely the days of turning up to practice after a few beers the night before and heavy lunch breaks were slowly being replaced with stretching routines and recovery smoothies.

Professional sport understands there is a lot more to performance that skill alone. You just have to look at the body shapes of professional sportsmen and sportswomen of today to see how the world of sport has changed.

So what has this got to do with getting in shape? Fundamentally there is no difference between preparing a team to beat the Aussies or losing weight, the same principles apply. So when I decided it was time to get back to the gym, drop a few pounds and prepare for a ‘dance competition’ I needed an approach that ticked all the boxes.

I new exercise alone was not enough, I new cleaning up my nutrition was not enough and I new that doing it on my own was not enough.

I also knew that strict diets and regimented routines would never work for me. These types of approaches just lead to a life of deprivation, restriction and resentment. Not a life a want to live!

The perfect approach has to appreciate all the factors that will get you looking and feeling the way you want but also one that you can fit into your life long term.

These guys live and breathe this stuff every day and have helped me and thousands of others just like you.

If you want to get in great shape without being constrained to a diet or boring exercise routines I can’t recommend FITISM enough."

Our Testimonials & Results

  • Before & After
    Meet Hatters
    "I was introduced to a community of people, real people, who were going through the same challenges as myself. FITISM changed my life."
  • Meet Ian
    Before & After
    Meet Ian
    "4 stone lost but that's not the best bit. I’ve learnt how to reduce dependence on comfort foods."
  • Before & After
    Meet Becky
    "FITISM is so much more than a gym. It will change your life."
  • Meet Andy B
    Before & After
    Meet Andy B
    "3 stone in 90 days"
  • Meet Frank
    Before & After
    Meet Frank
    "Frank has not only lost 5 stone there is even a FITISM GAMES team named after him l#wwfd"
  • Meet Andy
    Before & After
    Meet Andy
    "I lost 6 stone. My friends and family could not believe the change."
  • Before & After
    Meet Amanda
    ”It took me 2 months to lose 2 and a half stone and amazingly my tinnitus stopped, my hair stopped falling out and my asthma reduced.”
  • Before & After
    Meet Anita
    “My skin and eyes are bright and clear, my body shape has changed completely, my sleep pattern is a regular 8 hrs solid sleep and most importantly to me my confidence is growing.”
  • Before & After
    Meet Sue
    "FITISM is designed in such a way as to make all of us regardless of our fitness level feel accepted and supported."
  • Before & After
    Meet Gen
    "Just try it. It will change your life forever!"
  • Before & After
    Meet Richard
    "I managed to lose almost 2 stone and 11% body fat. I feel that I am living proof that, with a little help, whatever you want to do can be done!"
  • Before & After
    Meet Dan Walker, BBC Breakfast & Football Focus
    "They really do care about their clients and there is a special family feel to FITISM which I’ve not seen anywhere else."
  • Before & After
    Meet Bev
    “FITISM is a way of life and the best thing that has ever happened to me!”
  • Before & After
    Meet Elle
    "I have lost over 7% body fat in 9 weeks with just lifestyle changes, small changes to my eating and training that is so much fun!"
  • Meet Ally
    Before & After
    Meet Ally
    "FITISM has changed my life completely and I have never felt better."
  • Before & After
    Meet Michael Vaughan OBE, ex England Cricket Captain
    “FITISM works. It’s that simple."
  • Before & After
    Meet Margaret
    "I was a dress size 14 going on 16. I am now a comfortable size 10 and can even squeeze into an 8 on occasion."
  • Meet Mark
    Before & After
    Meet Mark
    "I've lost 5 stone. I couldn't believe the results in just 3 months"
  • Before & After
    Meet Emma 'ET' Thackray
    "I never thought I'd be in the best shape I'd ever been after having three children."
  • Before & After
    Samantha Morton, twice OSCAR & BAFTA Nominated Actress
    "FITISM has become my family now and when I'm not all over the world filming they are there to support every aspect of being an international hard working woman in a tough industry that puts so much emphasis on physical appearance. Never jeopardising my health and always putting 'me' first.”
  • Before & After
    Meet Wendy
    " I was only meant to come for 2 weeks but I stayed for 12 and lost 4 stone"
  • Before & After
    Meet Charlie & Becky
    "11 Stone in 90 days. No one can believe it's still us."
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