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Meet Amanda
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”It took me 2 months to lose 2 and a half stone and amazingly my tinnitus stopped, my hair stopped falling out and my asthma reduced.”

Meet Amanda


I am a 44 year old married mother of 3 children aged 13,10 and 6. My middle child is dyspraxic and he has a rare brain/muscle condition which brings its own stresses and heartache. I work part time as a Speech and Language Therapist in an acute neurological unit, 2.5 days a week.

Before FITISM I was overweight and unfit but I thought I was happy! I lived on biscuits for breakfast (no time, I was in a rush!), sandwiches for lunch and a pasta based evening meal. I snacked on biscuits, cake and chocolate, whatever I could get my hands on quickly. I drank a can of diet coke each day along with 3 cappuccinos and every evening I would have a few glasses of wine. 

”I didn't want to be overweight or so unhealthy but a sort of hopelessness had set in that made me believe I was incapable of changing what I had been given.” 

Over the last years I tried every diet under the sun from organised slimming groups to eating beetroot and tuc biscuits. I lost weight but then just piled it all back on when the diet stopped. I joined every gym going, had personal training sessions with tattoo etched muscle pumped men but exercise just wasn't for me and I would stop going. 

”My husband got used to us cancelling social events at the last minute because I had nothing to wear and I dreaded summer!” 

I avoided cameras, becoming the person that took family photos. I was rarely in one. The children were used to me sitting on the sidelines watching them play. From a health point of view I had asthma, tinnitus and my hair had started to fall out! 

Then 2 years ago a friend asked if I would share personal training sessions with her using a company called FITISM. I thought it would be a bit of a laugh. We had an initial session talking through our lifestyles, dietary habits, health issues etc and obviously I lied, not wanting to face the truth or admit what I ate or drank. We were introduced to the FITISM nutrition plan which I found quite farcical! How anyone could live on such a seemingly restricted range of foods without bread, pasta or diet coke was beyond me! I spent 6 months turning up to personal training sessions, laughing my way through them and going for coffee and cake after because "I deserved it", I had exercised. 

Then, one day, I woke up and decided to have broccoli and poached eggs for breakfast. I don't know why. I texted my Trainer to tell him of my breakfast choice thinking he would make some sarcastic reply. However he just texted back "well as you have had a healthy breakfast you had better have a healthy lunch". That text changed the direction of my life as I thought "well I better had then". My food journey began. The FITISM recipes were invaluable. I finally did FITISM’s 6 week nutrition course to control my caffeine and alcohol intake. Ali suggested books to read so I understood what I was doing and motivate me further. 

”It took me 2 months to lose 2 and a half stone and amazingly my tinnitus stopped, my hair stopped falling out and my asthma reduced.”

Two years down the line and I have kept all the weight off. I live by the born2wove plan 99% of the time. The only time I slip is when I haven't planned properly or my willpower cracks and I give into cake or chocolate. I have a chocolate addiction which I struggle to control! I don't know how but my coach immediately knows when I have slipped and helps me to get back on track.

”I can’t imagine eating any other way now.” 

I always cook extra food at mealtimes and batch freeze meals for when time is short. I have learnt to befriend Tupperware! When we are eating out I am able to scan a menu in seconds for what I can or can't eat and I have never been in a restaurant where the chef won't alter a dish slightly! Maybe the waiter spits on my food behind my back but it's not caused me any harm yet!! 

Life is just easy now. FITISM has equipped me with the skills and knowledge to change my eating habits for ever. I have the understanding to make healthy choices. My energy levels are high. I love playing football and rugby with my boys and taking my daughter swimming. Social events are met with "great, a night out" rather than "what an earth am I going to wear"! Luckily my daughter is developing a love of photography so that I can be in all the photographs! I have so much more self confidence. 

”My children love FITISM and the trainers are proving to be role models to them.” 

Although they don't eat according to the plan, I am more aware of the types of food I am feeding them. I feel better equipped to help them develop a healthy approach to food and exercise as they get older. 

Finally, my coach has found in me a competitive gene I never knew I possessed! I love exercising and the more I do, the more I strive to be the best I can be. I quit at times when the going gets tough but we are working on that! 

FITISM has given me a life I never thought I was capable of having. I truly believe that without them I would have eaten myself into an early grave!"

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    Meet Ian
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  • Before & After
    Meet Amanda
    ”It took me 2 months to lose 2 and a half stone and amazingly my tinnitus stopped, my hair stopped falling out and my asthma reduced.”
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    “My skin and eyes are bright and clear, my body shape has changed completely, my sleep pattern is a regular 8 hrs solid sleep and most importantly to me my confidence is growing.”
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    "They really do care about their clients and there is a special family feel to FITISM which I’ve not seen anywhere else."
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    Meet Mark
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