Gill Skinner

KICK17 Finisher | Lost 14.5cm in 28 days
Before & After
KICK17 Finisher | Lost 14.5cm in 28 days

Gill Skinner

"KICK17 is way ahead of anything I have ever tried before as it has given me the results I was
wanting and in just 28 days."


Why did you decide to join the KICK17 course?
I kept asking myself this question in the painful 48 hours following my first gruelling KICK17
Workout! I suppose my main reasons were the need to regain my fading self-esteem
and improve my inner health. I knew that I needed help to restart a healthier lifestyle.
Over a 9 month period, due to a variety of reasons sadly aided by a lack of motivation, my
alcohol, caffeine and carbohydrate consumption had all increased. This had led to weight
gain so my daily indigestion and gastric reflux returned with a vengeance. My health was
suffering, I was constantly feeling lethargic and uncomfortable and I missed the
energy that I used to have.

I already knew that KICK was a powerful course that gave excellent results when followed
correctly and I liked the idea of challenging myself to complete it. Joining KICK17 was my
way out of the doldrums.

What did you achieve during KICK17?
I bounced back and learnt to love myself again! I lost an incredible 5.7 inches of body fat and nothing feels tight any more. My indigestion and gastric reflux are under control and only pop up when I eat the wrong foods. I have loads of energy and am enjoying exercise again. I have been told that my skin is radiant and that I appear to be more relaxed and fun than I have been for some time.

How was the overall KICK17 experience for you?
Nutrition - I do not think I suffered from alcohol, caffeine or sugar cravings but my husband
would beg to differ as he was calling me Mrs Grumpy for a while!
I had a digestion problem with Apple Cider Vinegar but by following Fitism advice and
building up to the recommended dosage this quickly ceased to be an issue.
The overall nutritional programme was easy to follow and I never felt hungry thanks to the
Chocolate covered Frozen Banana Bites recipe which nipped nighttime nibble urges in the
Juicing - I was not looking forward to the juicing phase but this turned out to be a turning
point for me. I loved the flavour of the juices, I never felt hungry and the bonus was that I
did not have to think about meal planning or cooking for 3 days! I enjoyed it so much that I
have invested in a juicer and intend to incorporate juicing into my weekly meal plan.
Exercise - The initial Buddy workout was really hard for me and I suffered for a few days
but my FITISM Trainer took pity on me and adjusted my programme to take into account my
aching limbs. I chose to do the least amount of exercise recommended under KICK17 as this
suited both my needs and my availability.

How did you find the community support at FITISM during KICK17?
The on-line KICK17 community and fellow Buddy KICKers were great fun, supportive and
encouraging. It was helpful to get tips from fellow KICKers and to know that you were not
alone in the way you may have been feeling. Training in a Buddy group of 4 was not at all
intimidating or competitive, quite the opposite as we all encouraged one another. New
friendships have been formed which is a delightful bonus of KICK17.
The Fitism Staff listened to my concerns and gave excellent support/advice and adjusted
my exercise sessions/nutrition where necessary. I felt welcomed, encouraged and rewarded
for my participation.

How did the KICK17 course compare to other courses, diets, plans etc you have tried before?
KICK17 is way ahead of anything I have ever tried before as it has given me the results I was
wanting and in just 28 days. It is not a diet, it is a powerful course that encourages a
change of eating and exercise habits. It is a lifestyle change.

What would you say to anyone wanting to do the next KICK course?
Do it, stick with it and you wont regret it.

Do you have anything else you would like to say about KICK17?
I think I have said enough!

Our Testimonials & Results

  • Before & After
    KICK17 Queen (winner)
    "The trainers at FITISM are the best I've worked with, they educate me further on a daily basis and l feel refreshed in my training. They know my own individual capabilities and limits and know how to push me to aim higher and believe in myself."
    Lindsey Caldwell
  • Before & After
    KICK17 Finisher
    I lost weight, 24cm across my body (I think) and I felt much clearer headed.
    Sarah Crawford
  • Before & After
    KICK17 Finisher
    I joined KICK to get myself back on track after gaining a few extra pounds during my summer holiday! It was my first experience of KICK so I also wanted to see what it was about.
    Cheska Brissatt
  • Before & After
    KICK17 Finisher
    Fellow kickers were brilliant, really motivational, again the whatsapp group was great for this. We all felt a team spirit!
    Jackie Allen
  • Before & After
    KICK17 Finisher
    My clothes fit again and my energy levels were greatly improved.
    Rachel Ludlum
  • Before & After
    KICK17 Finisher
    The juicing was my highlight as I could literally feel my energy levels rising whilst I was on the juice detox
    Helen Illingworth
  • Before & After
    KICK17 Finisher
    I very quickly started to see changes, I was losing weight and my clothes were feeling looser.
    Kathryn James
  • Before & After
    KICK17 Finisher
    I would encourage anyone to do Kick if they want to reset their bodies to a healthier way of being
    Martha Marriott
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    KICK17 Finisher
    Read how our 2nd place KICK17 Finisher got on
    Maria Stafrin
  • Before & After
    KICK17 Finisher
    KICK17 Finisher | Lost 14.5cm in 28 days
  • Before & After
    KICK17 Finisher
    KICK17 Finisher | Lost 14.5cm in 28 days
  • Before & After
    KICK17 Finisher
    KICK17 | Lost 7.4mm of Fat | 9.9% of Body Fat compared to baseline over 28 days
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    Meet Hatters
    "I was introduced to a community of people, real people, who were going through the same challenges as myself. FITISM changed my life."
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    Meet Ian
    "4 stone lost but that's not the best bit. I’ve learnt how to reduce dependence on comfort foods."
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    Meet Andy B
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    Meet Frank
    "Frank has not only lost 5 stone there is even a FITISM GAMES team named after him l#wwfd"
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    Meet Andy
    "I lost 6 stone. My friends and family could not believe the change."
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    ”It took me 2 months to lose 2 and a half stone and amazingly my tinnitus stopped, my hair stopped falling out and my asthma reduced.”
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    Meet Anita
    “My skin and eyes are bright and clear, my body shape has changed completely, my sleep pattern is a regular 8 hrs solid sleep and most importantly to me my confidence is growing.”
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    "FITISM is designed in such a way as to make all of us regardless of our fitness level feel accepted and supported."
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    "Just try it. It will change your life forever!"
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    Meet Richard
    "I managed to lose almost 2 stone and 11% body fat. I feel that I am living proof that, with a little help, whatever you want to do can be done!"
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    Meet Dan Walker, BBC Breakfast & Football Focus
    "They really do care about their clients and there is a special family feel to FITISM which I’ve not seen anywhere else."
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    Meet Bev
    “FITISM is a way of life and the best thing that has ever happened to me!”
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    Meet Elle
    "I have lost over 7% body fat in 9 weeks with just lifestyle changes, small changes to my eating and training that is so much fun!"
  • Meet Ally
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    Meet Ally
    "FITISM has changed my life completely and I have never felt better."
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    Meet Michael Vaughan OBE, ex England Cricket Captain
    “FITISM works. It’s that simple."
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    Meet Margaret
    "I was a dress size 14 going on 16. I am now a comfortable size 10 and can even squeeze into an 8 on occasion."
  • Meet Mark
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    Meet Mark
    "I've lost 5 stone. I couldn't believe the results in just 3 months"
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    Meet Emma 'ET' Thackray
    "I never thought I'd be in the best shape I'd ever been after having three children."
  • Before & After
    Samantha Morton, twice OSCAR & BAFTA Nominated Actress
    "FITISM has become my family now and when I'm not all over the world filming they are there to support every aspect of being an international hard working woman in a tough industry that puts so much emphasis on physical appearance. Never jeopardising my health and always putting 'me' first.”
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    Meet Wendy
    " I was only meant to come for 2 weeks but I stayed for 12 and lost 4 stone"
  • Before & After
    Meet Charlie & Becky
    "11 Stone in 90 days. No one can believe it's still us."
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