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Meet Richard
"I managed to lose almost 2 stone and 11% body fat. I feel that I am living proof that, with a little help, whatever you want to do can be done!"
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Meet Gen
"Just try it. It will change your life forever!"
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Meet Sue
"FITISM is designed in such a way as to make all of us regardless of our fitness level feel accepted and supported."
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Meet Anita
“My skin and eyes are bright and clear, my body shape has changed completely, my sleep pattern is a regular 8 hrs solid sleep and most importantly to me my confidence is growing.”
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Meet Amanda
”It took me 2 months to lose 2 and a half stone and amazingly my tinnitus stopped, my hair stopped falling out and my asthma reduced.”
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KICK17 Finisher
I lost weight, 24cm across my body (I think) and I felt much clearer headed.
Sarah Crawford
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