Raw Cacao Overnight Oats

Start the day with slow release energy and antioxidant rich raw cacao...who doesn't love chocolate for breakfast 


60g FITISM Kitchen cacao nib granola 

120ml unsweetened almond milk 

1 handful frozen raspberries or strawberries 

1 tsp chia or linseeds

1-2 tbsp nut butter (use your favourite, we love almond butter) 

1 scoop chocolate protein powder (if desired) 



1. Find your favourite container - old jam or nut butter jars work perfectly 

2. Add all of the ingredients to the container and mix until completely combined 

3. Store in the fridge overnight 

4. Enjoy cold the following day 

Recipes created and inspired directly from the FITISM Kitchen.

19th September 2017
19th September 2017
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