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Common Questions: 
Is It Expensive?

The amount you pay is completely up to you. Pay as you play options start at £8 per class and memberships start at £15 per week. Each of our membership options are 100% taylor made according to your goals, time and how much you want to invest in your health. 

Do I Have To Be Fit & Healthy Before I Join?

No! In fact quite the opposite. We are here to help you become fit and healthy. FITISM is one of the most non-judgemental, friendly and welcoming gyms you will ever experience. We thrive on helping you become the greatest version of you. 

Do I Have To Do It All?

Not at all. Yes we offer a complete service that includes fitness, nutrition and coaching but we do not force you to do anything that you do not want to or you're not ready to do. If fitness is all you want to focus on great or meal prep is the only service you need then that is fine by us. We are simply hear to use the skills and services we offer to shape an approach specific to you. 

Will I Have To Stop Doing & Eating The Things I Enjoy?

No. We are here to make nutrition and exercise improve your life not for them to take over your life.

Will I Be judged?

No one at FITISM will ever judge you. Our passion is your success, that's it. We do not expect you to be a certain way or anything other than yourself. You, improved is our goal. 

Do I Have To Be A Member To Take Part In A Class?

No. You can access all of our services as a non-member apart from gym access. Gym access is reserved for our Personal Training members only. In addition to gym access the major benefit of being a FITISM member is that you receive cheaper rates on all FITISM fitness services. 

Is There A Penalty If It's Not For Me?

No. We overcome this by offering the first 2 weeks as a no-obligation to continue period. We call this the 2 week FITISM Experience. Following your 2 week FITISM Experience all we ask is for 90 days as that is how long it takes to make a transformative change. After that we have a 28 day rolling agreement on all memberships. 

Will I Be Made To Feel Uncomfortable Or Pushed Too Hard?

No. Every personal training session is built around you and your fitness levels and each of our classes are scaled to ensure you do not push yourself beyond what you can cope with. Health and fitness should be fun and with you for life. Your first steps are exactly that, small steps towards an improved you for the rest of your life. 

How Will FITISM Support Me?

To change your body you have to change your habits and to change your habits you have to change the way you think. We go beyond exercise and nutrition. We go big on mindset coaching and community. We literally hold your hand through the entire process. We work as an entire team to help support you through your FITISM journey. Our team is made up of some of the best coaches, trainers and foodies on the planet. 

How Will You Ensure It's Right For Me?

The FITISM Way is our 3 step formula that makes sure we shape the right plan for you. Step 1 - we find out where you're heads at. Step 2 - we build an activity and nutrition schedule based around your mindset and budget. Step 3 - we support and coach you through check ins every 30 days. This entire process is designed to ensure you build the perfect plan for you so you can live your life in the body you want. 

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