Lifetime Membership

As special offer throughout May 2017 to say thank you.

Special Offer

We all want to say a huge thank you to everyone that has visited FITISM Wilmslow and started their FITISM Experiences. 

You have been incredibly supportive and encouraging whilst we continue to undergo the final work necessary to complete the FITISM Wilmslow site.

We can not thank you enough for bearing with us.

As I’m sure you're aware by now FITISM Wilmslow is not 100% complete but we are getting close. 

We are incredibly proud of the space and we know it is going to allows us to deliver an experience like no other.

However, we are fully aware that there are still a number of final touches we need to make before it is complete.

The 3 main areas we know still need work and we are focusing our efforts on are:

  1. The changing rooms
  2. The smoothie bar/reception 
  3. A thourough, deep industrial clean

There are also smaller jobs that require work including finishing touches to the upstairs studios, external cladding, signage, tarmac and external lighting. All of which are in hand and scheduled to be finalised soon. 

We are very aware that the matting in the gym in particular is badly stained with dust from the building works. To reassure you, the gym mating is being vacuumed daily. We are waiting for the builders to finish their works before we carry out a deep industrial clean of the entire facility. 

As a way of saying a huge thank you for bearing with us we have something for you to say THANK YOU!

Lifetime Membership Offer 

We have an exclusive Lifetime Membership offer for you; whatever membership you choose following your complimentary 2 week FITISM Experience we will give you an additional 10% discount for life.

The Lifetime Membership provides you with a 10% discount off any of our monthly memberships, along with a guarantee that these prices will not increase for the duration of your membership. 

Lifetime Membership Terms and Conditions

  • 10% discount is valid on a regular direct debit payment only. Any add-ons or bolt-ons are not valid for the 10% discount
  • 10% discount excludes smoothies and products from FITISM Kitchen
  • Lifetime membership rates are available for the duration of the membership. After any cancellation of the membership the lifetime offer is deemed invalid and cannot be offered again.
  • Lifetime membership offer will expire on 1st June 2017. 

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