For 30 Days Only

We've got a little treat for you… But you've got to grab them whilst you can!

A Unique Opportunity

For the next 30 days our Wilmslow dream team will be working in FITISM Bakewell.

This is a unique opportunity for you (our Bakewell clients) to workout with some of the best Trainers in the business. Each one of them offering different skills to help you mix up your training and condition your body over the next 30 days.

Here is the team that will be at FITISM Bakewell over the next 30 days (full profiles to follow)…

Matt Shippen
Jen Ambrey 
Rich Keyworth
Gayle Ellenthorpe
Lucy Mather
Nic Vaughan

Matt, Jen and Rich will be conditioning your body and Gayle, Lucy and Nic will be fuelling your body until Wilmslow opens.


Matt is an expert in strength and conditioning and combat sports - he has an MSc in strength and conditioning and is a title holder in kickboxing. Matt will be delivering 'introduction to Strength and Conditioning' Personal Training sessions (PRIVATE, PARTNER or BUDDY options available). He will also be delivering, alongside Jen an introduction to our long awaited JAB classes, which if proven popular will continue here in Bakewell. 

Jen is one of the best trainers we have ever come across. She is an expert in conditioning your entire body. Over the next 30 days Jen is going to specifically deliver BUDDY Personal Training masterclasses in 'Thighs and Bum' Conditioning. Jen will also be delivering JAB classes on Tuesday evenings.

Rich like Matt is an expert in strength and conditioning and olympic lifting. Both of which are essential in order to achieve an well conditioned physique. Many of you at Bakewell will have got to know Rich and we are all going to really miss him. So make sure you book in with him before he leaves for Wilmslow.

Gayle, Lucy and Nic will be heading up our front of house team and Kitchen at FITISM Wilmslow. They are an incredibly inspiring bunch that will support our fantastic Kitchen team here in Bakewell throughout April. So make sure you pop up to the FITISM Kitchen to say hi when you are next in and test their smoothie making skills ;) 


Matt, Jen and Rich are all available for PRIVATE (1to1), PARTNER (2to1) and BUDDY (4to1) Personal Training sessions. 

Matt - Monday afternoon/evenings
Jen - Tuesday evenings & Thursday mornings
Rich - Throughout the week (mainly Monday, Tuesday and Thursdays)

book via the app or email get yourself booked in.

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Matt and Jen are all experts in boxing so between them (and me) are trialling JAB classes over the next 30 days. You can book into these new classes via the app at the following times:

Monday - 6pm (with Matt S)
Tuesday - 6pm (with Jen)
Thursday - 7pm (with Matt K)

The next 30 days is going to be a really unique period to get trained by such a varied, unique and talented team so grab a session whilst you can.

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