Healthy Smoothies Made Simple.

Supercharge your morning smoothie

We’ve got a new concept and we need you feedback. Let me introduce you to SHAKE. 

SHAKE is all about functional, convenient, healthy smoothies that you can make at home or at work. 

We know that services like this are already out there but we want to do more than putting a handful of high sugar filled fruits into a pouch, we want balance, functionality and flavour and the best smoothies for you and your goals.  

So what is SHAKE? 
SHAKE is a new service powered by FITISM kitchen producing smoothie pouches for you to blend at home. The pouches will contain everything you need to make the perfect smoothie all you need to do is add the liquid. Expect pouches packed with fruits, vegetables, proteins and superfoods which can be stored in your freezer ready to blend. 

SHAKE pouches will be sold in packs of 7 or 14 so that you have a smoothie for everyday of the week ready and waiting in your freezer at home or at the office. You can choose from a variety of smoothies to suit your goals and your taste buds. Some will be protein heavy, some contain coffee and oats and some are virtuously green.

We want to start trialling this soon in FITISM Bakewell and FITISM Wilmslow but we would love to hear your feedback first? Is this something you are interested in? Would you love FITISM smoothies at home? Would children's smoothies that tasted great and packed full of nutrients also be of interest to you?

If you had any feedback that would be great.

Thank you,

Hannah x

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