Juice Fast?

In this blog we identify 5 common juice fasting mistakes and deconstruct the reasons why so many people get juicing wrong

Should you consider a juice fast?
Like most nutrition techniques out there Juice fasting comes with its critics and for good reason. Without question there are good and bad ways to approach a juice fast leading to dramatically different results. However, before we dive into the 5 most common and damaging mistakes I first would like to outline why you might want to consider a juice fast. 

Why listen to us?
Over the years our nutrition coaching team here at FITISM have used juicing in a variety of different ways. We have conducted numerous tests over the years based on academic research and the understanding of how the body functions; namely the digestive system, liver and cellular system. We have then looked at the best ways to prepare and conduct a juice fast to promote the health of these systems. And finally we have tested the impact of various different methods on body fat reduction in the short and long term. 

We first began our testing back in 2007 and have produced one of the most powerful juicing programmes on the planet. A programme we call KICK. To find out more about KICK17 click this link: http://www.fitism.co.uk/courses/kick

There are numerous benefits to juicing but here are the two main benefits we believe you will achieve from undergoing a juice fast as long as you avoid the 5 big juicing mistakes.

Benefit #1 - Restful digestive system 
70% of your daily energy is expended through the process of digestion. When you conduct a juice fast you almost completely remove the burden off your digestive system so the energy can be directed to other processes. One of which being fat metabolism. But the benefits to allowing your degestive system to rest does not stop there! Your digestive system is one of the most intelligent system in your body. We discuss in much more detail the benefits associated with resting your gut below, see Mistake #5. 

Benefit #2 - Delivers I high concentration of micro nutrients to your body
When you juice fruits and vegetables you remove the fibre. By doing so you are increasing the concentration of vitamins and minerals (micro-nutrients). Thus the delivery of micro-nutrients is far more efficient. Or is it? Yes but only if you undergo juicing in the correct way! This is the topic for another common mistake people make when juicing. Why? Because in the absence of a few components you will not transport or utilise this high concentration of micro-nutrients unless you overcome 1 big mistake. See Mistake #4 below... 


Mistake #1 Not preparing your body first
Juice fasting is not something your body will make use of if you do not prepare yourself first. 

The impact of a juice fast is intense. You have to be prepared to utilise the benefits which won’t be realised if you dive straight into it! If for example you undergo a juice fast following a period of naughty eating and drinking like a holiday, boozy weekend or even a one night binge you body will reject all benefits you could have had. 

Instead it will be too intense, you will feel incredibly low on energy, low motivation - the internal detoxification chemistry that will be going on in your body could even be dangerous. Your organs and cells will not be ready to cope, the burden on the liver and digestive system will be too much. The process will not achieve anything other then short term ‘false’ weight loss (not fat loss) and it will ultimately not do anything. However, if your body is ready to make use of the process you could see a level of health, energy, motivation you have not experienced in years. 

Solutions: You need a minimum of a 2 week period to prepare your body for a juice fast. Other methods and techniques that can help prepare your liver, digestive system and cellular system is daily apple cider vinegar use, the consumption of fermented foods, the complete removal of refined sugars, caffeine, alcohol, processed foods and eat less red meat. The consumption of soaked linseeds morning and night will also help restore your cellular health and allow you to utilise mirco-nutrients from your juices more effectively. And finally sleeping well night after night will allow your body to restore a level of health and the production of health promoting hormones that will also maximise the benefits of your juice fast. 

Mistake #2 Your juice contains too much fruit
If your juices contain high levels of fruit or more specifically fructose you are setting yourself up for fat storage. The regulation of blood sugar levels is incredibly important if you want to lose fat. So much so that the body WILL NOT let go fat fat if there is irregular levels of insulin in your blood. So if your juices contain fruit you are wasting your time. Instead you want to ensure your juices are made from primarily green leafy vegetables and vegetables deep and rich in colour which contain more glucose and less fructose. 120 calories from glucose store 1 calorie as fat whereas 120 calories from fructose store 20 calories as fat.

Mistake #3 You’re limiting your bodies ability to transport micro-nutrients
Fibre as we all know is incredibly important for various processes including the transportation and utilisation of micro nutrients (vitamins and minerals). The elimination of fibre when juicing is a controversial approach. However, from our own applied experience here at FITISM it does not impact on the long term health of your digestive system. In fact we know if you prepare correctly juicing can enhance it. However, there is one macro-nutrient we highly recommend you keep in your juicing routine. The macro-nutrient in question is fat. There are many mirco-nutrients that rely on fat to transport them throughout the body. Throughout an effective juice fast it is essential you ensure either your juices contain fats or you supplement/snack on the correct fats that will maximise the transportation of critical vitamins and minerals. 

Mistake #4 They’re not cold pressed 
Very simply the concentration of vitamins and minerals contained within cold pressed juices (that don’t contain stabilizers or sweeteners) are much higher then those found in non-cold pressed juices. 

Mistake #5 No post juice fast routine
One of the biggest mistakes we see people make when completing a juice fast is to do nothing... They go back to their normal way of eating without the consideration of rebuilding their system back up. 

Other than not preparing correctly this is one of the most detrimental mistakes you can make, which can lead to re-bounding weight gain, candida and sluggish digestion to name a few problems. 

After your juice fast you MUST rebuild your gut. 

Your digestive system is one of the most intelligent and influential organs within your body - directly effecting fat loss. Your digestive system is like a second brain responsible for producing neurotransmitters, which directly influences your motivation and mood, regulates your immune system (80% of diseases start in your gut) and controls gene expression in the liver - which is a precursor for fat loss and lean muscle tissue development. 

Interestingly there is a common theme that runs through every research study I have ever read on the relationship between gut bacteria and weight loss. And that commonality is a poor gut bacteria ratio, which suggests it is near on impossible to lose fat with an unhealthy digestive system.

Solutions: the good news is that your gut health is significantly influenced by what you eat. Eat correctly and your gut will start responding within 3 days. Essentially we aim to rebuild your gut flora following your juice fast and the most direct way to achieve this is through the daily consumption of a high quality probiotic for 30 days. 

In addition there are a number of other factors that will improve your gut bacteria ratio, which we map out for you during our 28 day KICK17 course: http://www.fitism.co.uk/courses/kick 

What to do next?
FITISM's next transformation course starts this September designed to take you through a 28 day journey of radically improved health and vitality. 

A journey that prepares your body, takes you through an effective juice fasting period and then rebuilds your gut, liver and cellular health step by step over a 28 day period. 

The programme is called KICK17: http://www.fitism.co.uk/courses/kick

FITISM Wilmslow and FITISM Bakewell are hosting a day of free workshops on the 20th September to help you find out everything there is to know about KICK17. 

If after you have found out all the information about KICK17 you would like to take part you will also be able to register for the full 28 day course that same day. 

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