Time For A Change

We've torn up the rule book and written a new one.

Where Have The Courses Gone?

For quite a while now I have been wanting to change up what we deliver and how we deliver things here at FITISM.

Above anything we aim to deliver the very best service to you (the client) but if I am completely honest I feel a few things have run their course and it is time to change things up.

Don't get me wrong there is so much that is great - we have an incredible team that care about your results more than any other fitness company I know. 

Having said that there are a few things that I am acutely aware of that could be better to make your experience here at FITISM incredible.

So for the last few months I have gone back to the drawing board, torn up the rule book and re-written a new one.

So here is how things are going to be changing at FITISM to take your experience and results to the next level:

Ultimately we are taking all the good bits from our courses and personal training and merging them into one supercharged approach.

There are so many positives to draw from the FITISM courses (REBORN, STRIP, BEACH, GAMES, KICK, ALPHA, PARTY): they give you a focus over a short period of time, they pull the community together and they get results!

The problems we experience are: they come to an end leading to an 'on it or off it' mind set, engagement fades as the weeks go on all with the exception of ALPHA and GAMES, which will continue!

So instead we have written a new improved approach to retain all the pros and remove the cons. An approach to help guide you through a step by step process to help you become the greatest version of you. 

An approach called TRANSFORM (The Body Transformation Plan)

Here's How It Works

We have mapped out a programme that will lead to constant progression over 52 week periods (1 Year = 1 BLOCK). 

The year will be split into 4 cycles (Winter, Spring, Summer, Autumn) each lasting 13 weeks. Every cycle is then split down further into 3 phases lasting 4-5 weeks each.

Within each phase will be specific nutrition guides and exercise progressions to maximise results.

At the end of each 4-5 week phase your Trainer will monitor your progress through measurements and at the end of every 13 week cycle we will host a 'Let's Chat' workshop.

The Let's Chat workshops are group coaching sessions where by we will explain precisely what we want you to focus on for the following 13 week cycle and also help you overcome any road blocks or plateaus you might be facing.

Alongside this new approach you will receive detailed nutrition guides to help you understand what to eat, when all precisely designed for you and your specific body composition goals.

The benefits the TRANSFORM plan will bring are:

- POWER IN THE COMMUNITY: this approach will be driven heavily by the FITISM community supporting and encouraging one another as we move through this process together
- RESULTS AND CONTINUAL IMPROVEMENT: it will help you maximise results year round v's a stop start approach
- NUTRITION COACHING: the approach will see a higher level of nutrition coaching specifically designed around you and your individual needs
- EXERCISE PROGRESSIONS: you will experience an increased focus and detailed progression which will in turn condition and shape your physique in a highly effective way
- BODY COMPOSITION TRACKING: you will be able to monitor your progress precisely month after month to see the impact of this new approach on your body

What If I Don't Want To Change?

Do not worry that is completely fine!

If you are enjoying FITISM just the way it is nothing has to change for you.

View this new approach as an extra level of service you can access as and when you need it. Even if you never access any of it that is completely fine - keep booking into your classes and sessions and keep going the way you always have.

Next Steps

To kick off TRANSFORM we are hosting workshops in both FITISM Bakewell and FITISM Wilmslow.

Will will be announcing the dates and times of these workshops on our FaceBook page very soon.

Bring your questions and goals to these workshops because you are about to get access to a very powerful approach that will help you achieve another level of results.

We are all super excited by the new improved Body Transformation Plan by FITISM. This approach has been created by observing, listening and understanding the wants and needs of you.

See you soon,


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