We're Changing So You Don't Have To

It’s time. Time to get back to the gym and back with the fit fam. We can't put into words how happy we are to let you know that FITISM is back – both our Bakewell and Wilmslow gyms will officially reopen on Monday the 27th July.  

We are are so proud to see the FITISM family flourish and grow into the amazing community it is today. Never more has this been so apparent to us than it has been over the last 4 months. And for that we are forever grateful. We know we are coming out of this as a community stronger and we will only keep growing and going from strength to strength from here.

As we celebrate our doors re-opening on the 27th July 2020 it is important that above all else we ensure your safety as we continue to manage the impact of this global pandemic. And in doing so make your fitter, stronger human beings to cope.

When you come back to FITISM things will look a little different but one thing we want to ensure is your experience is the best it can be. Here is how we are changing so you don't have to... 

Here is how we are changing so you don’t have to…


Stay home. Do not come to the gym if you feel sick or have coronavirus symptoms including a temperature, 
new or persistent cough, and loss of taste or 
sense of smell


Other then FITISM staff members, every person that enters the FITISM building will do so on an appointment only basis

There will be no gym use available outside of ‘open gym’ times, which again will be accessible by appointment only. To find out when our open gym times are and to book yourself an open gym session please visit the FITISM app

All smoothies and products purchased within FITISM will be done using the FITISM app or contactless card payments only

If on the rare occasion we have a non member ‘walk in’ the staff will be on hand to direct them into the office so not to affect you, our members in any way


There will be a one way system in and out of the gym (one entry door and a second exit door) identified by signage and arrows on the floor

Both the entry and exit door will remain open at all times to reduce contact with the door handles and push pads but also to maintain optimal airflow and ventilation throughout the building at all times

Hand sanitisers will be available on entry and exit 

Changing room facility will NOT be available so please arrive at the gym ready to train 

Hand washing facilities within the changing rooms and toilets will be available on a one in, one out basis


Extremely limited equipment sharing between members during sessions

In the rare instance an item might be shared within a session that item will be cleaned between use

Limited use of other high touch equipment like whiteboard pens and whiteboards: staff will carry with them non-sharing programming sheets when needed

All equipment will be cleaned and sanitised after use


FITISM Wilmslow will operate fitness sessions upstairs to a maximum of 15 people, including staff (one person per 100 sqft)

FITISM Bakewell will resume a limited smoothie bar service. Smoothies will be ordered downstairs, prepared by a staff member upstairs and brought down to you on completion of your training

The 360 office will open for body fat analysis only. 1:1 sit down appointments will not be available and instead be delivered via video conferencing 

Both upstair areas will have a one way system flow using the stairs for entry and the upstairs fire escape for exit

The current laws around social distancing guidelines in gyms means we are allowed to operate with one  member in the gym per 100sqft of useable gym space including changing rooms, toilets and wash facilities. In both gyms that means we have approximately 2500 sqft of usable space downstairs, which equates to 25 members, inclusive of Staff, allowed in FITISM at any one time by law. However, we want to make you feel even safer here at FITISM. We are limiting our numbers to a maximum of 18 people downstairs at any one time

When exercising you will do so in your own zone clearly identified by tape on the floor


FITISM Bakewell BURN sessions will continue to be outside unless the indoor gym space is 100% available (e.g., no BUILD sessions) and the size of the BURN class is attended by 17 members or less 

FITISM Wilmslow BURN sessions will be delivered upstairs

The maximum capacity we are allowing downstairs is 18, That is seven people less than we are allowed by law to offer more reassurance

All Members and Trainers will adhere to a rotational training system in 1:1, 3:1 and 6:1 BUILD sessions. This will be adhered to using a 30 minute timer to ensure optimised flow between different areas of the gym. This allows us to comply with legal social distancing requirements whilst maximising session quality

Start times of sessions will be staggered by 30 minutes where possible. As to limit traffic through high risk areas such as toilets, doors, corridors and stairs 

We really can’t wait to welcome you all back into the gym. Our main priority is maintaining a safe and clean environment, so everybody can get back to enjoy the incredible FITISM atmosphere that we have all been missing so much over the last four months! 


See you soon


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Here is how we are changing so you don’t have to…

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