A Confession To Make

Last week we conducted a little experiment called The Battle. Here's why...

The Battle

The concept was simple… 

- Set 3 Battles within 7 days
- Members from both FITISM Bakewell and FITISM Wilmslow compete head to head
- The top man and top women from each site gets 1 point per Battle for their respective FITISM's (Wilmslow or Bakewell)
- The FITISM with the most points wins

So on Sunday 4th June the first Battle was set and would last for 48 hours.

This was then followed by two more Battles. 

One started Wednesday morning and ended Thursday evening and the last Battle started Friday morning and ended midday Sunday.

The uptake was fantastic and saw over 100 Battle attempts across the 2 sites!

Here's how both the sites got on:

Battle One: THE GRIND
Top Women = Christine Halliday 7:24 (Wilmslow)
Top Man = Alex Ambler 5:55 (Bakewell)

Battle Two: DIRT & CLOUDS
Top Women = Joanne 2:36 (Wilmslow)
Top Man = Alex Ambler 2:24 (Bakewell)

Battle Three: BACK UP
Top Women = Bella Heap 5:16 (Bakewell)
Top Man = Ian Heap 4:52 (Bakewell)

Overall Winners

Some fantastic performances all round and considering FITISM Wilmslow have 15% the membership base compared to FITISM Bakewell that was a great innings from FITISM Wilmslow!

So what was the purpose of this experiment you might ask?

Well… As many of you will know each year we run a summer programme called The GAMES - Watch Video

The GAMES, just like last weeks Battle is designed with healthy, fun competition in mind.

It is essentially 5/6 weeks of fun, friendly, inter gym competitions to keep you focused over summer. The 5 weeks culminates in a morning of events we call GAMES DAY to crown GAMES champions. 

ALL fitness levels and ages are welcome from the absolute beginner to the experienced gym user. Each year during the GAMES we have 20 year olds competing side by side with 70 year olds, which lends itself to tremendous fun, fantastic camaraderie, with that competitive edge.

Here is a great little video to give you a flavour of what the GAMES is all about: Watch Video

So the purpose of last weeks Battles was to gauge the appetite for a little bit of fun, fitness competition in FITISM Wilmslow.

And you guys at Wilmslow didn't disappoint! 

So based on the activities that went on last week we are opening GAMES17 up to teams from both Bakewell and Wilmslow.

So for now check out the GAMES video to get the competitive juices flowing and I will send you more information about the GAMES as it's released.

Watch Video 


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