Not Strictly True

Following the announcement a few weeks ago that we are no longer running courses anymore that is not strictly true.

Let us explain... 

New Look 28 Day Courses

What is true is that we are no longer delivering courses as we have in the past. Instead we have taken all the best bits and given it a facelift. 

We have seen huge benefits in our 28 day courses. In fact we are so proud of our courses. They give our clients, focus, support, accountability and deliver incredible results.

So we have taken these benefits to essentially offer 28 day courses EVERY 28 days.

Meaning that there is no longer a start, an end, then a gap until we launch another course.

Every 28 days from now on will follow on from the last offering a year round focus and accountability to irradiate the stop/start nature of the courses we have delivered in months and years gone by.

We are calling this new plan TRANSFORM. TRANSFORM involves 3 courses that each last between 4-5 weeks.

Let us break this new approach down to explain myself a little better…

Every year is broken into 4 seasons: winter, spring, summer and autumn.

Each season lasts 13 weeks (this is called a Cycle) and each 13 week cycle is split into 3 x 4-5 week periods we call Phases.

Each phase will have a name to represent the focus and expected results within each phase…

Phase 1 = SHAPE (4 weeks)
Phase 2 = CONDITION (4 weeks)
Phase 3 = LEAN (5 weeks)

SHAPE (phase 1)
The SHAPE phase lasts 4 weeks. The focus of your exercise and nutrition programming through this phase is to develop lean muscle tissue.

CONDITION (phase 2)
The CONDITION phase last 4 weeks. The focus of your exercise and nutrition programming through this phase is to transition your body from lean muscle tissue development to body fat reduction.

LEAN (phase 3)
The final phase of the CYCLE lasts 5 weeks. The focus of your exercise a nutrition programming through this phase is to drop body fat and reveal your shape and conditioning from the previous two phases.

On the completion of each phase we take your measurements (optional) to see how you have got on before setting some new goals for the next 28 days and going again.

At the end of the 13 week (end of 1 complete Cycle) we host a Let's Chat workshop to firstly measure how well you have done over the 13 weeks and secondly to explain what we have planned for your next 13 cycle. 

Your Plan

When we launch TRANSFORM in April you will be issued with the TRANSFORM Manual. This is a complete guide to the plan in it's entirety.

The manual will take you step by step through all the essential components of the plan: exercise, nutrition, mind set.

It will also contain all the 2018 dates of the 28 day phases and Let's Chat Workshops.

If you are a PLAY (classes) member and would like to experience the new TRANSFORM plan you can!

To do so simply upgrade to a TRANSFORM (personal training) membership of choice and you will automatically enter into the TRANSFORM plan. We recommend undergoing the complete 90 days from start to finish to experience the full effect of TRANSFORM. 

We are launching TRANSFORM...

FITISM Wilmslow
Tuesday 17th April 2018
1pm and 6:30pm

FITISM Bakewell
Wednesday 18th April 2018
1pm and 6:30pm

There are registration forms on reception so if you'd like to attend please let us know you are coming by adding your name to the list.

See you there,


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