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Our Personal Training services and our 28 day Transformation Courses have just had a baby and it’s called TRANSFORM.


TRANSFORM is FITISM's brand new Personal Training product. We are launching TRANSFORM to help you produce laser focused results in the most efficient time. 

TRANSFORM will also bring our community together to work towards our goals as one team. The plan offers structure with step by step guidance and support to maximise motivation and results.

To create TRANSFORM we've taken the best bits from our 28 day body transformation courses and blended them with our personal training services to create the ultimate year round plan.

We will be launching TRANSFORM in both FITISM Wilmslow and FITISM Bakewell during the second week of April.

FITISM Wilmslow
Tuesday 17th April 2018
1pm and 6:30pm

FITISM Bakewell
Wednesday 18th April 2018
1pm and 6:30pm

There are registration forms on reception so if you'd like to attend please let us know you are coming by adding your name to the list.

First up will be SHAPE, followed by CONDITION then LEAN…

SHAPE (phase 1)
The SHAPE phase lasts 4 weeks. The focus of your exercise and nutrition programming through this phase is to develop lean muscle tissue.

CONDITION (phase 2)
The CONDITION phase last 4 weeks. The focus of your exercise and nutrition programming through this phase is to transition your body from lean muscle tissue development to body fat reduction.

LEAN (phase 3)
The final phase of the CYCLE lasts 5 weeks. The focus of your exercise a nutrition programming through this phase is to drop body fat and reveal your shape and conditioning from the previous two phases.

Monitoring your progress, Q&A and planning your next Cycle

At the end of SHAPE and CONDITION we will be checking in with you. Simple measurements to see how you are getting on.

At the end of LEAN (which is also the end of your complete 13 week Cycle) we will host a Let’s Chat workshop. These workshops offer the opportunity for a Q&A with your trainers, discussing amongst other things how to maximise progress, mind set, overcoming road blocks etc. The Let’s Chat workshops will also inform you of what is planned and how you will benefit during your next 13 week Cycle. 

This entire approach will bring the FITISM fam together, allows us to train, eat and progress as a community that shares a common goal. 

And we can not wait to get you going.

See you at launch,


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