Journey To Wilmslow

2 days ago we announced the opening of FITISM Wilmslow.

We are on schedule… Yes ON SCHEDULE to open April 28 but it has been a journey to say the least…

To say the journey has been long is an understatement. A journey that started 18 months ago with a knock on a door to Wilmslow Rugby Club.

It was September 2015 that we came across a disused building, previously squash courts that belonged to Wilmslow Rugby Club.

Within weeks of finding the site we were sitting down with the agent and 3 of the committee members that looked after the club.

The building itself, all be it needing a 'bit' of work was perfect in so many ways.

It was situated within our perfect location, Wilmslow Cheshire. It had hundreds of available car parking spaces and it was within the grounds of one of the biggest/most social rugby clubs in the area.

One of the major reasons for looking at sites across the pennines from our other site in Bakewell was that of Michael and Nichola Vaughan. 

Both Mike and Nic have been involved with FITISM since before we opened our first site in Bakewell over 3 years ago.

So when they moved their family from Baslow to Wilmslow and we all started to get to know the area better we soon realised it would be the ideal location for FITISM.

We came to an arrangement with the Rugby Club within months of that first meeting and plans were put in place to open within the next 6-10 months….

Oh how wrong we could have been.

Unbeknown to us at the time was the magnitude of the project and as a consequence we were a little be premature in some of our decisions…. The beauty of hindsight! 

In January 2016 we hired our first Wilmslow Personal Trainer…. A fantastic trainer called Emma. 

All of us and Emma were working towards a September 2016 opening. It was not until we got to June 2016 that the reality of the situation hit us.

At this point we realised things were going to take a lot longer than expected and unfortunately Emma had to find work closer to home - which was the Lake District at the time.

We had no choice but to push on without her and get the legals finalised and construction started.

September 2016 passed without construction really starting on site. By which time we were aiming for a December 2016 finish.

During this period we found 2 fantastic individuals that have been supporting this process ever since…

Jen and Rich

We can not express how loyal and supportive these 2 have been. Without them FITISM Wilmslow really would not be ready to open in a matter of weeks!

Rich came on board December 2016, which was then when we had hoped to open and Jen was waiting in the wings to join us at the same time.

December 2016 came and the construction of the site had still not really kicked off due to a number of unforeseen reasons including the discovery of high risk asbestos amongst other things…

So December 2016 passed and the 2017 new year came with the promise that the construction team will have finished the job late Jan - at the latest mid Feb.

Things at this point were getting seriously stressful. 

No-one could understand the huge delay but behind the scenes we were working with such an old building, a roof that looked like it had a meadow growing on it and tons and tons of steel work requiring deeper foundations then anyone could have imagined…. The opening date kept being delayed.

During this time we were going through a big recruitment process to find the Wilmslow dream team. Our first big recruitment day took place in December 2016.

From this day we took 10 people through 2nd and 3rd interviews at FITISM Bakewell and found some of the best Personal Trainers around. 

But due to yet even more delays we lost 2 more employees that could not hold on with all the uncertainty around the build.

Frustrated by losing yet more fantastic professionals due to construction issues we only had one choice. To guarantee the employment of the employees we desperately wanted for Wilmslow regardless of FITISM Wilmslow being finished or not.

So that was that. We had the best team around made up of Rich, Jen, Matt, Gayle, Nic and Lucy and we were not prepared to lose them.

All 6 members of the Wilmslow team came on board by March 22 - the date the construction team gave us for completion 4 weeks prior.

In a way it has been a blessing in disguise. Even though financially it has been hard it has been and continues to be a great period for the Wilmslow team to learn the ins and out of FITISM; the culture and the community here in Bakewell so they can open Wilmslow with the same ethos.

The Wilmslow site is finally taking shape and we are still on schedule to open in 18 days time. 

To say this has been a stressful process does not even come close but what is coming is going to be special. 

Wilmslow FITISM will offer something so different. To trully understand it you have to experience it...

Experience the workout, the food, the support, the environment, the people, the culture. Experience the difference.

Complimentary 2 week FITISM Experience

As a way to say thank you for everyones patience we are celebrating the opening of FITISM Wilmslow with a complimentary 2 week FITISM Experience. 

The FITISM Experience is a way for you to try everything we do for 2 weeks; personal training, classes, coaching, nutrition, gym, smoothie bar and community.

This offer expires June 1.

To book a FITISM Experience follow these 4 steps:

Download the free FITISM app by clicking one of the links below

STEP #2 
Create an account

Select 'Appointment'

Select 'Start A FITISM Experience - Wilmslow' and find a time to get yourself booked in from April 28 onwards


So with all that said I am very proud to announce that FITISM Wilmslow will finally be open April 28.

Please come in, have a smoothie, take a look around and hang out.


Here is what is included in your complimentary FITISM Experience... 

Here is what is included in your complimentary FITISM Experience... 

Book Your 2 Week Experience

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