Getting There

Many of you have been tentatively asking me how Wilmslow is going…

Not Long Now

In some areas great and other areas are very much a working progress.

The great news is we are now able to train our clients!

Our Personal Training sessions and HIIT classes are underway.

The working progress areas of the site are the changing rooms, smoothie bar (FITISM Kitchen) and our two studios.

Having said that we're getting close to finishing these areas off!

So if you want to take a sneak peak into FITISM Wilmslow and start your complimentary 2 week experience from NOW you can.

You can register for a complimentary FITISM Experience here:

If you're in the area and want to have a sneak peek please pop in and say hi.

See you soon,


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25th November 2017

So whats it all about? 

17th November 2017

NEW FOR 2018

FITISM Are Giving Away Money

15th November 2017
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