Big Smoke Red Faces

The FITISM team punched, cycled and drank (mostly smoothies) themselves around London last Friday. Here's how they got on...

London Bound
Ahead of FITISM Wilmslow opening next month and with FITISM Bakewell launching a new range of classes Ali, Hannah, Joanna, Rich, Jen and I decided to punch, cycle and drink ourselves around some of London's fitness boutiques last Friday in an attempt to brush up on what's hot and what's not. All to ensure we are delivering the very best, unique services across our 2 FITISM locations.

Here's how we got on...

After a morning at FITISM Bakewell we all jumped on the train at midday on Friday en route to our first fitness destination; 1REBEL.

Let's Get Ready To Rumble
We wrapped up, gloved up and punched our way through one of 1REBELs boxing classes they've named Rumble.

It was safe to say that even though Ali and I came out fighting strong we soon faded and by the end of the class were well and truly beaten by the bag. Hannah and Joanna won the red face competition. We all felt sorry for Jen's bag and Rich didn't even break a sweat... that was until the 2 minute wall squat finisher. Ouch!

Spin, Spin, Spin
Following our rumble in the jungle it was a hop, skip and jump to our next destination PSYCLE.

Very cool location just off Oxford St and as a result incredibly busy. So much so Ali and I only did what any 2 perfect gentlemen would do and gave up our bikes to Jen and Joanna, found an alternative, hit the smoothie bar and put our feet up. It had nothing to do with being completely dominated by the Rumble class so much so we could barely see let alone take part in a high intensity spin class...

Whilst Ali and I were enjoying the best tasting smoothies of the day where they served these special black, smooth, wheaty smoothies.... Hannah, Joanna, Jen and Rich hit the PSYCLE class. Verdict was split on the quality of class which is to be expected from three of the best RIDE instructors on the planet but we all loved the look, the smoothie bar and the customer service at PSYCLE. Thumbs up all round!

And Breath
After a quick debrief in mine and Ali's new favourite smoothie bar the girls headed back to the Shire whilst Ali, Rich and I decided to take a little longer sampling more of the special best tasting smoothies.

Great trip, good fun, very reassuring that FITISM is more unique (in a good way) than we give ourselves credit for and lots of lessons learnt.

So get ready FitFam we're continually seeking new ways to make FITISM better and better. Watch this space...

Matt '1 class limit' Kay

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