42 Days Of Summer

With the GAMES17 hang overs firmly set in it's been good to reflect on what has been a fantastic 42 days of summer.


For those of you unfamiliar with GAMES17 here is a brief run down…

Every summer FITISM host a family focused fitness event over a 6 week period called The GAMES. 

The GAMES is available to all FITISM clients, their friends and their families to help our community stay engaged and motivated throughout the summer.

All those taking part are put into teams of around 15-20 people. Typically we will have around 6 total teams. 

Every Sunday evening throughout the GAMES FITISM release various different food and fitness challenges. 

Each team has until 12noon the following Sunday to complete the challenges set and accrue as many points as possible.

The teams battle it out week in week out against one another until the final day where they go head to head against all the other teams at a live event we call GAMES Day where we crown the eventual GAMES Champions.

Going into GAMES Day the teams were positioned from 1st to 6th. These positions had been determined by 6 weeks of prior competition. Teams could gain points over 4-5 categories each week…

1. Gamer of the Week
Points available: 30 
This award went to the person that displayed excellence within 4 categories; 1. performance (personal and for their team), 2. attitude (how they approached everything the lay ahead of them), 3. support (for their team and other teams) and finally 4. games spirit (embodying and embracing everything that is GAMES) 

2. WOW (Workout of the week)
Points available: 1st = 20, 2nd = 15, 3rd = 10, participation = 5
A unique workout was created to challenge the individual GAMES Competitor. This was the one competition each week that celebrated the fittest, fastest and strongest competitors. Each week often had multiple winners based on age categories. 

3. Challenge
Points available: 1st = 200, 2nd = 180, 3rd = 170, 4th = 165, 5th = 160, 6th = 155
The Challenge is the big team event. It's where each team worked as a unit to get as many collective points on the board as possible. 

4. Food Challenge
Points: 1st = 200, 2nd = 180, 3rd = 170, 4th = 165, 5th = 160, 6th = 155
Throughout the 6 weeks we release 2 food challenges. Competitors within their team had to produce 'legal' foods that were judged on taste, presentation, health and innovation. 

5. Participation
Points available: PT Session = 5, Class = 3
This was the first year we included Participation points into the GAMES. What we witnessed with nothing less than incredible levels of participation. In some cases people training like olympic athletes participating in as many as 4-5 sessions per day.

So here is how each week mapped out, the winners of each event and of course the ever changing weekly 'Leader Board' all the way through until each of the teams met for a 4 hour battle on GAMES Day.


  Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Week 5 Week 6
Gamer of the week Colin MaxQueen & Jane Dyson Emily Dunn & Kathryn James Fiona Hayes & Charlotte Perry Sarah Shelton & Kim Ward Elizabeth Summers & Maria Stafrin No nominees this week
WOW ECT & Mike Clare Nick Johnson, Ian Heap, Pablo, Hatters, Ali Whawell, Lesley Fitton, Lindsay Caldwell, Lizzy Mccallum John Gilroy, Mike Clare, Hatters, Charlotte Perry Pablo, Cem, Martin Moore, Ian Heap, Lesley Fitton, Maria Stafrin, Hatters, Chrissy Halliday, Ali Whawell Colin & John, Bella & Ian Heap, Mike & Lizzy, Amy W & Sarah C, Maria & Nicky Mark Trolley, Colin M, Amy Wood, Sue Kay-Jones, Kathryn James, Ali Whawell, Charlotte Perry, Martin Moore, Mike Clare
Challenge Mad Hatters Bianchi Bulldogs Fillies Fillies Mad Hatters Fillies
Food Challenge No challenge set this week                                                                  Mad Hatters No challenge set this week No challenge set this week Halliday Heroes No challenge set this week
Participation Points Halliday Heroes Marksmen Marksmen                                                                                            Kay Dashians Bianchi Bulldogs Kay Dashians
Leader Board

1st Halliday Heroes
2nd Marksmen
3rd Bianchi Bulldogs
4th Mad Hatters
5th Kay Dashians
6th Fillies

1st Bianchi Buldogs
2nd Mad Hatters
3rd Halliday Heroes
4th Marksmen
5th Fillies
6th Kay Dashians
1st Bianchi Bulldogs
2nd Mad Hatters
3rd Halliday Heroes
4th Marksmen
5th Fillies
6th Kay Dashians 

1st Halliday Heroes
2nd Mad Hatters
3rd Bianchi Bulldogs
4th Marksmen
5th Kay Dashians
6th Fillies

1st Bianchi Bulldogs
2nd Halliday Heroes
3rd Mad Hatters
4th Marksmen
5th Kay Dashians
6th Fillies
1st Bulldogs
2nd Heroes
3rd KD
4th Mad Hatters
5th Marksmen
6th Fillies

This was the first year we had teams from two sites so the atmosphere at the start of the day was mixed. On one hand there was excitement and on the other was apprehension as to what lay ahead.

After the 6 weeks of competition and over 3000 points gained only 300 points separated 1st ad 6th place. What with 1100 points available on GAMES Day it was literally all to play for. 

Team MARKSMEN, HALLIDAY HEROES and the BIANCHI BULLDOGS entered in style and together with all the other teams delivered in a big way on the fancy dress.

The first event of the day was the tug-o-war, which was fair to say dominated by MARKSMEN thanks to the all mighty strength of Charles Cone. Here's how the other teams followed:

1st Marksmen - 200 points
2nd Fillies - 180 points
3rd Bianchi Bulldogs - 170 points
4th Halliday Heroes - 165 points
5th Mad Hatters - 160 points
6th Kay Dashians - 155 points

Next up was the 'Pairsies' event, which involved some good old fashioned classics: egg and spoon, bunny hop, wheel barrow, piggy back and the three legged race. 

I think this one took a lot of the competitors by surprise… Who would have thought 2 minutes of a wheel barrow race would be one of the hardest tests of fitness throughout the entire day?!

You would not have expected it but this event took more casualties than any other thanks to Zoe Heydon's piggy back summersault and Sarah Crawford's wheelbarrow nose dive…  

Following the spectacular acrobatics of all teams during Pairsies event here's how they scored:

1st Bianchi Bulldogs - 200 points
2nd Halliday Heroes - 180 points
3rd Mad Hatters - 170 points
4th Marksmen - 165 points
5th Fillies - 160 points
6th Kay Dashians - 155 points

Event 3 was the Prowler Pull Push. Each team had to pull the prowler 20 metres before sprinting the prowler back over the same 20 minutes. Once complete the competitors team mate would take over. Here's how the points for the Prowler Pull-Push were split:

1st (joint) Bianchii Bulldogs / Marksmen - 200 points
3rd Mad Hatters - 170 points 
4th Kay Dashians - 165 points
5th (joint) Fillies & Halliday Heroes - 160 points

One of the most anticipated events of the day saw arguably the strongest 3 competitors from each team go head to head in a 6 way battle involving a 200m row, 10 ball slams, 10 sit ups, followed by a 100m sprint. This event was handicapped based on each teams collective fitness levels determined by the GAMES Master (Ali Crawford). 

The mentors were off first which saw Dan Cowan (Fillies) off the on the sprint off after his last sit up ahead of myself (Matt Kay - Marksmen) and Rich Hill (Mad Hatters), closely pursued by Jen Ambrey (Halliday Heroes) and Matt Shippen (Bianchi Bulldogs) and last but by no means least was Sarah Kay (Kay-Dashians)… 

What happened next was a blur to me as a lay on the floor in a sweaty tired mess. When I did finally regained consciousness it was clear from where I lay that Elle Pemberton (Marksmen) made some good ground on Jenny Robertson (Fillies) who just about held Elle off to release Captain Franksie (Fillies) and Captain Mark Thomas (Marksmen) to fight it out to the death. 

With 50 metres to go the pair met for what can only be described as a 'man hug' before Mark Thomas released his embrace and set off in an attempt to make up the 10 metre handicap the GAMES Master gave team Marksmen over team Fillies at the start. They both crossed their respective finish lines together and a draw was confirmed by Ali 'GAMES Master' Crawford. 

1st (joint) Fillies / Marksmen - 200 points
3rd Mad Hatter - 170
4th Halliday Heroes - 165
5th Bianchi Bulldogs - 160
6th Kay Dashians - 155

The final challenge is firmly embedded in GAMES Day history and this year didn't disappoint. The rules are simple; row as a team for 15 minutes, 1 minute per person, every team member must row at least 1 x 1 minute interval. 

Here's how the 6 team finished over the 15 minute rowathon:

1st Marksmen - 200 points
2nd Mad Hatters - 180 points
3rd Bianchi Bulldogs - 170 points
4th Fillies - 165 points
5th Kay Dashians - 160 points
6th Halliday Heroes - 155 points

So after 4 hours of blood, sweat and funny faces the teams had completed their 5 challenges. all that was left to do was to grab some food, a glass of bubbles and wait for GAMES Master to add up all the scores before announcing the 2017 GAMES Champions.

First up were the thank yous. Special mentions went out to first and foremost the incredible 110 GAMES competitors that battled it out over 6 weeks and made GAMES17 the best yet! 

Secondly was a huge thank you to our GAMES Master, Ali Crawford. Ali had the painstaking task of not only designing every Challenge and WOW but also giving up every Sunday to add up all the scores from the previous week. And finally a special thank you went to Becci and Hannah for designing, tasting and judging all the food challenges. 

Each team had their own mentor. A mentor was a FITISM staff member that helped support the team, offer tactical advice and be available throughout the 6 week to answer questions. So each mentor was called to say a massive thank you! The 2017 GAMEs Mentors were:

  • Matt Shippen 
  • Jen Ambrey 
  • Dan Cowan
  • Rich Hill
  • Sarah Kay (the only non-Trainer)
  • Joanna Shimwell
  • Yours truly - Matt Kay

To be a team Captain is a selfless responsibility. The captains are there to lead and motivate the team. The captain is often the heart and soul of the team there to pick the team up when their down and celebrate them when they achieve. Each week the captain along with their mentor has to nominate a member from their team (other than themselves) for the GAMEr of the week award. It's a big responsibility, which on GAMES Day deserves celebrating. Here are your 2017 GAMES Captains:

  • Nick Bianchi & Nichola Vaughan (Bulldogs)
  • Christine Halliday & Kathryn James (Heroes)
  • Sue Kay Jones & Sarah Shelton (KD)
  • Mark Thomas & Elle Pemberton (Marksmen)
  • Franksie & Heapy (Fillies)
  • Hatters & Frank (Mad Hatters)

If you've not seen the Fancy dress entrances this year you've got to go an check out our FaceBook page and watch the videos: www.facebook.com/fitismUK - The fancy dress stepped up a gear this year and the eventual winners as judged by Becci Sampson were...

1st = Marksmen

Arguably the most prestigious award to win. GAMES Hero is the award given to the individual that displays excellence across 4 categories by which the GAMES Master and all GAMES Mentors judge. These categories are... 

a. Performance (individually and for their team not to win but to compete)
b. Attitude (met every challenge they faced with a GAMES spirited attitude)
c. Support (for their team and others from other teams)
d. GAMES Spirit (they’ve embodied and embraced everything GAMES over the last 6 weeks)

And the winners were…

Wilmslow winner: Maria Stafrin
Bakewell winner: Sarah Shelton

And the award everyone was been waiting for… Who would be crowned GAMES17 Champions. So after 6 weeks of weekly battles and the 4 hours of head to head competition across 5 events on GAMES Day this is how the teams finished:

1st =  Bianchi Bulldogs - 4309 points
2nd = Halliday Heroes - 4276 points
3rd = Marksmen - 4263 points
4th = Mad Hatters - 4087 points
5th = Kay Dashians - 4025 points
6th = Fillies (aka Franksies International Travellers) - 3975 points

Incredibly only 334 points separated 1st and 6th positions.

From mine and the teams point of view we had the best time. The atmosphere in both FITISM Bakewell and FITISM Wilmslow over the last 42 days has been electric. We've had our ups and downs but as we reflect on the last 6 weeks of GAMES we do with pride and praise. Pride and praise for our incredible FITISM community and the amazing team we have leading the highest level of Personal Training and Classes week in week out. 

FITISM is truly like a family and we are incredibly proud of everyone involved.

Roll on GAMES18


PS our next course is called KICK17 and starts 20th September in both FITISM Bakewell and FITISm Wilmslow. There are two launch workshops on the day… One starting at 12:30pm and the other at 6pm.

Click here for more information and to reserve your seat (it's free to come to come along and find out more): http://www.fitism.co.uk/courses/kick 

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