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So we launched our new personal training product - TRANSFORM in Wilmslow yesterday and today in Bakewell.

Bye bye Traditional Personal Training hello TRANSFORM

Here is why we are doing it, what it is and how it will help you!

Over the years we have had much success with 28 day course. Clients get excited, focused and achieved some fantastic results but the courses and clients enthusiasm always comes to an end. 

Equally we have had incredible results with our personal training clients especially in the first year of training but then maintaining those results has proven hard for a lot of people.

Not ones to stand still we want to overcome the problems our clients face by launching a brand new framework for the way we deliver personal training called TRANSFORM to maximise our clients results. 

TRANSFORM is a highly structured ongoing plan to better organise your coaching, nutrition and exercise programming to enhance your results and experience at FITISM.

No stop / start - TRANSFORM will help you get in shape year round. It is a long term approach.

The approach will provide structured programming so you experience different training methodology throughout the year giving you the best possible results.

There will be measurement weeks every 4/5 weeks where we encourage you all to get measured and track your progress.

Nutrition will be delivered in three different ways depending on your goals and how committed you are to change the way you eat.

A big focus of TRANSFORM and something FITISM are passionate about is to pull the community together even more. TRANSFORM will help our community pull together by working towards a common purpose whilst still achieving individual goals. All taught within the new FITISM framework called TRANSFORM.

The 2 big questions you have to answer are:
1. What do you really want to achieve (this will determine your nutrition approach)
2. How many times per week are you going to train (strength training & classes)

Before you answer these two questions I encourage you to understand the 'trade off'. There will be things you might have to sacrifice for a body shape that you will not want to do. You must understand and answer that question for yourself now before you tell us what you want to achieve.

Click this link to better understand the TRADE OFF for a given body shape:

TRANSFORM is split into 4 seasons; winter, spring, summer, autumn. Each season (1 cycle) will last 13 weeks and that is split into 3 phase each lasting 4-5 weeks.

We have organised your training and nutrition in this way to give you focus. Even though this is a long term approach it is still important to have mini-goals and landmarks to work towards. Each 4-5 week phase will focus on different areas of your goal. For example if you are wanting to get in better shape you will go through phases of building lean muscle tissue and other phases of dropping body fat. How you eat and exercise through these phases will change based on what you are trying to achieve. 

There is a manual supporting TRANSFORM. The manual will act as a framework for everything we teach here at FITISM. If you are a FITISM Personal Training Member please ask your trainer to send you the manual. 

I hope that has given you the information you need to understand what, how and why we are launching this new personal training product we are calling TRANSFORM.  

Much of the TRANSFORM approach is behind the scenes. As in it acts as a framework for our trainers to structure your programming to help you get motivated and stay focused year round.

If you have any questions please let us know.

See you soon,


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