FITISM's Eco Initiative 

Save The Planet and Your Pocket

Reducing waste and limiting our use of disposable items has never been a hotter topic, and for good reason. In the UK we throw away tonnes of disposable packaging a day and less than 50% of our plastic waste is recycled. 

As a business we want to do more to help, but also understand that we live in a world where we want our goods in the quickest and most efficient way. So this is why we’ve decided to make a few changes which we think will strike the perfect balance 

We’re offering 20p off all our smoothies if you bring your own re-usable cups (or whatever you think you fancy, think shakers, mason jars, watering cans….the possibilities are endless) Smoothie cups are our biggest source of waste at the moment and even though our current cups are made from recycled plastic and can be recycled but this isn’t quite good enough, especially as it can be so difficult to recycle plastic outside of homes and business

Our granolas are getting a new look! You’ll soon be able to purchase our granolas in glass Kilner jars and 1kg re-fill packs. Your Kilner jar can then be re-used over and over again, we’ll be saving 2.5 plastic bags per 1kg purchased and you save £1.50 for every 1kg bought. The granola initiative is live in FITISM Bakewell and is coming soon to FITISM Wilmslow.

We’d love you to get on board will our new initiatives, we’re only little and we’re not going to change the world overnight but we’re trying our best to introduce new practices that will slowly help move towards a more sustainable world.

P.s. you can help us too by letting us know if you want your food and smoothies to eat in or to take out.

Hannah “eco warrior” Jowett 

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