Bang On Trend For 2018

8 of the top fitness and wellness trends to look out for in 2018

As we say good bye to 2017 we look ahead to see what's hot and what's not in the world of fitness and wellness during 2018.

Here is the FITISM rundown... 

  1. LISS
  2. Small Group Training
  3. Athleisure
  4. Gut Health
  5. Boutique Gyms
  6. Functional Smoothies
  7. Intermittent Fasting
  8. Sleep Induced Foods

Move over HIIT, there's a new kid on the block called LISS (Low Intensity Stead State). Like most trends LISS is nothing new. However, the term rose to popularity and started to trend in the NYC & LA fitness scene during the summer of 2017 and will be sure to hit the UK very soon. LISS is great for those of you new to exercise, have more time to workout or if you have bad joints that do not cope well with high impact exercise. 

LISS has also be shown in certain studies to have a similar impact on weight loss compared to that of HIIT workouts. However, I do not recommend you using LISS as a direct route to weight loss. Consider LISS less of a calorie deficit workout and more of a re-programming workout for your fat cells. 

A 45 minute LISS workout will burn 250 calories at most. If you consider that you have to burn approximately 2600 calories to lose 1lb of fat a LISS workout will not melt away the fat any time soon. Instead the biggest benefit a LISS workout will have is to reprogram the enzymes responsible for utilising fat as fuel. If you have time I recommend you use LISS workouts in conjunction with strength training (2-3x per week) and HIIT workouts (1-2x per week) for maximum results.

Here is how to calculate your heart rate zone to ensure you are working out in a LISS state:

60-70% of 220bpm - your age = LISS heart rate zone. Go for 40-60 minutes to get the most out of a LISS workout. 

2. Small Group Training
Over the 15 years I have been involved in the Personal Training industry I have seen a huge movement away from 1on1 Personal Training and shift towards small group Personal Training. 1on1 Personal Training is still hugely popular and when you find an incredible Personal Trainer it is well worth the investment. However, if you are a looking for a well structured, progressive exercise plan where your technique is managed and the motivation is high small group personal training could be for you. 

I do not believe a Personal Training session can exceed 6 people. Beyond 6 and it is incredibly hard to monitor technique and record progress but 6 or less and it can be a highly motivating way to receive expect advice, moving you to your goal faster than you would on your own or in a class environment.

>>> Get started with small group training at FITISM <<<

3. Athleisure
Athleisure is the official word to describe clothes that are worn in and outside the gym. There seems to be more and more people wearing gym clothes to pick up the kids, go shopping or walking around town than any other type of clothing these days. The rise of athleisure has been huge over recent years and there is no sign of it slowing down. Here are some brands to look out for in 2018:

Laain -
Vaara -

lululemon -
Bjorn Borg -

Hamilton & Hare -
Castore -

4. Gut Health
Over the years gut health has often been overlooked and I can understand why. Bowl movements and stool consistency are just not topics many people want to talk about. However, gut health saw a rise in attention towards the back end of 2017 (no pun intended). Arguably one of the most important systems in your entire body gut health is finally rising to popularity. Poor gut health can lead to low energy, motivation, mood, lowers your metabolism and increases sugar cravings. Poor gut health reduces your ability to burn fat or build lean muscle tissue. Tell tail signs you have poor gut health is bad breath, fatigue, inability to lose weight, gas, bloating, acid reflux, indigestion, skin problems, sugar cravings.

To address gut issues is quite an involved process but here are 4 good places to start:
1. Eat natural, live, raw foods high in fibre
2. Reduce ALL processed foods and refined sugars
3. Take a high quality probiotic
4. Start eating fermented foods - try this sauerkraut recipe for starters:

The impact of sorting your gut out can be dramatic. FITISM have designed a 28 day course to help re-build your gut called KICK. Check out some the results experienced when our clients focused on their gut health:

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5. Boutique Gyms
There has been a huge movement away from gym goers opting for big commercial gyms and instead seeking out a more personalised touch when it comes to gym selection. Boutique gyms refer to gyms that are small, unique and uber stylish. Some fantastic boutique operators that have been around for a while include Soul Cycle and Barry's Bootcamp. Over the last 5 years the boutique gym scene has exploded. Other than FITISM (wink wink) here are some boutique fitness studios that have recently caught my attention:

Tone House 
Location: New York City
An extreme, athletic-based group fitness studio based around a floor made from 100% turf 

Location: South Africa
Highly motivational HIIT style training in a functional studio under funky lights and a banging sound system

Flying Yoga 
Location: Los Angeles 
A unique yoga experience from the comfort of soft aerial hammocks

Location: London
FITISM took a day trip to the incredible Psycle earlier this year and it didn't disappoint

6. Functional Smoothies
Consumers are increasingly on the look out for foods that are packed full of the nutrients they need. Functional smoothies in particular is a term that rose to fame at the back end of 2017. Adding shots to your favourite smoothie is all rage, and studios and cafe up and down the country are offering the latest in functional smoothie shots. 

Got the winter blues? Try adding a vitamin D3 or magnesium shot. Still finding it hard to digest the christmas pudding? Throw in a ACV shot (Apple Cider Vinegar) or you might have hit the gym a little too hard and you are in need of a an enhanced recovery? Try adding some electrolytes & glutamine. No matter what you need there will be a shot for you making your smoothie functional to your needs. 

7. Intermittent Fasting 
Still on the up is Intermittent Fasting (IF). Even though this concept has been in the public domain for many years it seems to be holding onto its popularity. We are big fans of IF here at FITISM so much so we dedicate an entire course to it called REBORN and here's why…

It is widely understand that the human body will not let go of fat if your body is not what we call insulin sensitive.  In English this means you will not lose fat if your body does not process sugars well. Intermittent fasting increases insulin and leptin (the hormone responsible for controlling fat storage) sensitivity. This is not only good news for your body fat but studies have shown that this also reduces the risk of chronic disease like diabetes, heart disease and even cancer.

There is a hormone in your body that is responsible for making you hungry called ghrelin. Research into the effectiveness of intermittent fasting has shown that it increases ghrelin levels reducing the feeling of hunger and therefore reduces your desire to overeat. Fat-adaption is a term used to define your ability to use fat as a primary energy source. When referring to a person as being ‘fat adapted’ it means they use an elevated amount of stored fat as energy thus increasing their ability to burn body fat. Intermittent fasting promotes this, which also increases your energy as a result of burning fat as a primery energy source.

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8. Sleep Inducing Foods 
More and more attention will be shifting towards recovery in 2018. What with the fast paced world we all now live, rest and time are fast becoming two of the most valuable commodities in the modern world. Sleep is the single most important practice to balance hormones, regulate mood and enhance health yet so few of us achieve enough of it. One trending area in 2018 will be that of sleep inducing foods and lifestyle habits that improve the quality of your sleep. Here is a list of foods and lifestyle habits that will help improve your sleep: 

1. Stop drinking caffeinated drinks by 2pm and switch to herbal teas
2. Swap your sugary cereals for porridge or eggs in the morning
3. Balancing blood sugars is key so limit your sugary snacks and go for raw veg instead
4. Eat amino acid rich foods to get more tryptophan into your system: eggs, chicken, nuts are all good choices
5. Stop using your computer, phone or tablet late into the evening
6. Try using mediation apps like 'Head Space and 'Calm' before bed or my personal favourite Deepak Chopra 
7. Magnesium is a fantastic addition to almost everyones diet to help relax your body before bed: spinach, chard, pumpkin seeds, almonds are all rich in magnesium. You can also get it in spray form and through epsom bath salts
8. Melatonin is also important to help you sleep; asparagus, tomatoes, pomegranate, olives, broccoli, cucumber, oats, walnuts and flax seeds are all rich in melatonin

* you can find out more about the incredibly important topic of sleep and the impact it has on your body in our BEACH18 course which launches spring 2018. Look out for course dates here:

So that is my rundown on the 8 trends in fitness, nutrition and wellness to look out for 2018. But for now enjoy your festive break and we'll see you in the new year.

Happy New Year, 


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