Arm Wrestles, Pink Pants & 32oz Steaks

It can only mean one thing… ALPHA!

It all began on one dark night on Tuesday 17th Oct at FITISM Wilmslow and Wednesday 18th October at FITISM Bakewell.

Following two testosterone fuelled launch nights ALPHA17.2 was off.

20 workouts, 10 challenges and of course weekly 'pink pant' punishments.

The aim of the exercise and nutrition component of ALPHA is to get fit, strong and lean. 

Each gym had their own Pack Leaders there to support, mentor and develop all the programming for their respective ALPHA Packs.

The Pack Leaders for FITISM Wilmslow were Rich Keyworth and Matt Shippon and for FITISM Bakewell was Rich Hill and Dan Cowan.  

Each week the two ALPHA Packs met for a big group workout. Each workout begins with our infamous Pink Pant nominations. Each ALPHA is required to nominate a fellow ALPHA they believed to have committed the most sub-alpha behaviour(s) the previous week.

And this year we had some corkers!

Week 1 
Bakewell: Ian Heap 
Reason: Ian missed the ALPHA17.1 steak night because he was at the Chelsea Flower Show Wilmslow: Patrick Martin 
Reason: One of his main goals when he joined FITISM was to improve his Handshake

Week 2 
Bakewell: Matt Kay 
Reason: He missed the second ALPHA training session to take the FITISM girls shopping Wilmslow: Nick Bianchi 
Reason: For eating the left over 'trick or treat' Chocolate in the FITISM smoothie bar

Week 3 
Bakewell: Myles Mellor 
Reason: For unloading his bar one side and completely neglecting the other causing the entire bar to flip over and put a big hole in the side of the gym Wilmslow: Richard Williams 
Reason: For taking a personal training session in a rival Wilmslow gym, poor form ;) 

Week 4 
Bakewell: Eddie/ Jamie Lofthouse 
Reason: For booking 3 and missing all 3 BUDDY PT sessions 
Wilmslow: Martin Moore 
Reason: For receiving a video message from Judge Rinder expressing his love for him so much so that if he ever left his wife Judge Rinder is ready and waiting

Pink Pants Near Misses
Bakewell: Mark Trolley 
Reason: For consistently moaning, bitching and winging throughout pretty much every workout Wilmslow: Nick 'chief snitch' Boyes-Hunter 
Reason: On realising he could be up for a pink pant nomination due to smashing the prowler through the wall he threw his fellow ALPHA’s under the bus in an attempt to avoid a personal nomination 

What a night!

Hosted by Nick Bianchi and his fantastic team at the incredible Arighi Bianchi restaurant.

Nick very kindly opened up his restaurant after hours as the perfect halfway venue between FITISM Bakewell and FITISM Wilmslow.

The Wilmslow Pack arrived true to form getting the early beers in ahead of a mini bus full of the 16 strong Bakewell ALPHAs.

Both packs met for the first time over a beer and some civilised chat before the evenings proceedings began.

Once seated Ali kicked off the evening by celebrating the ALPHA's over the last 28 days that had the honour of wearing the famous pink pants. 

Some special mentions went to various ALPHAs that had achieved some incredible displays of ALPHA grit and determineation. Amongst others… 

Rick Meredith and Colin Maqueen both over 60, both committing to ALPHA17.2 like true ALPHAs. Not only did they get their heads down and finish every ALPHA workout within 22 days, they were also shifting some serious weight!  

Patrick Martin for securing a solid 2nd place spot following week one before having to pull out due to injury/ a sub-alpha exertion headache ;) 

Mark Trolley got a mention. 4 ALPHA courses ago Mark finished last and was 4 stone heavier. At the end of ALPHA17.2 Mark had lost that 4 stone and finished 4th. Fantastic achievement!

The final 2 special mentions went to Myles Mellor & Pete Wade from improving on their challenge scores by 40% and 30% respectively from week 1 to week 4.

Finally Ali got around to the announcement everyone had been waiting for, the crowning of the ALPHA17.2 King. 

First up was the crowning of the FITISM Wilmslow King and that title went to Martin Moore.

Secondly the crowning of FITISM Bakewell's King went to Ian Heap.

This is how the podiums looked in each site:

FITISM Bakewell
1st Ian Heap - 7158 points (it pays to be old ;)
2nd Mark Thomas - 6981.5 points
3rd Alex Ambler - 6864 points

FITISM Wilmslow
1st Martin Moore - 5639 points
2nd James Dyer - 5292 points
3rd Richard Williams & Pete Wade - 4854

However, there was one final challenge that lay before them before their crowns were secured; a 32oz steak.

The rules are simple, finish the steak and you keep your crown, don't and you are de-crowned along with the title of King ALPHA. In the eventuality of an ALPHA King not finishing their steak they hand the crown to the next best ALPHA that finishes their steak. 

As the 32oz steaks started leaving the kitchen and were presented in front of each ALPHA you could feel the tension in the air… Some ALPHAs got stuck straight in, others took a tactical toilet break and others started loosening their belts. 

Some of the steaks went down with incredible ease, yet other ALPHAs were getting themselves into all sorts of trouble but ultimately all eyes were on the Kings and those 2nd and 3rd in line to the throne. 

The first King to finish was Martin Moore in good time confirming his title as the official ALPHA17.2 Wilmslow King. 

Ian Heap on the other hand does not have the best track record in steak challenge finishes. In fact he has NEVER finished his steak in the 3 years he has been taking part in ALPHA courses and the inevitable happened.

Ian Heap for the second year running ended up winning ALPHA17.2 on points but fell down at the last hurdle. Which meant King Thomas retained his title as FITISM Bakewell ALPHA17.2 King.

However, the evenings proceedings did not end there. As this was the first time two ALPHA packs competed simultaneously for the crown it was the first time we ended up with two Kings and everybody knows there can't be two Kings so it had to be decided.

And what better way to determine the ultimate ALPHA King than an arm wrestle.

So that was that… The challenge was set…

Both Kings nervously stepped up to the table and two chairs that were positioned in the centre of what can only be described as the ALPHA colosseum.

Both Kings clearly up for it, eyes firmly fixed on the crown sitting on the apposing ALPHAs head.

They sat down, locked hands, cupped one anthers elbows and on the count of "3, 2, 1, GO!" they were offer.

Within seconds you could tell there was literally nothing between Martin and Mark. So much so that neither King moved an inch for over 2 minutes by which time a draw was called.

They even tried again with their left hands but even then nothing could separate the two Kings. 

So in true ALPHA Kings style they both went at leaving nothing left in the tank yet nothing could separate them. 

Congratulations Martin Moore and Mark Thomas the two ALPHA17.2 Kings.

Following the sensational sticky toffee pudding and a few more bottles of red the ALPHA17.2 Steak Challenge came to an end.

Well done to all ALPHAs that took part in ALPHA17.2. 

It has been a pleasure!


ALPHA only happens 2 times per year but when it does it is such good fun. 

ALPHA is a boys only course and an opportunity to get fit, strong, lose some body fat and have a laugh.

Our next ALPHA course, ALPHA18.1 will be happening April 2018.

If you are interested in joining ALPHA or another of the transformation courses that FITISM run throughout the year you can keep up to date via our 'Courses' page.

Click here to find out more: 

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