Personal Training At FITISM

Personal Training at FITISM is both delivered and structured differently compared to fitness industry norms to put YOU (the client) first. Here's how it works...

How It Works
It is our mission to put the client (YOU) at the centre of everything we do to support what we value the most... Our client centric culture. 

Specifically speaking FITISM offering 3 different types of Personal Training services to suit how you like to train and a scaled pricing structure to suit your budget and one that rewards loyalty.

Believe it or not this is not how most of the fitness industry works…

However, if you have not experienced FITISM personal training it can be difficult to understand how, why and what it is all about.

So here is a run down of what we offer and how much it costs at each stage...

FITISM offer 3 types of personal training at both Bakewell and Wilmslow: 

Type #1 BUDDY PT
1 Personal Trainer to 4 Clients

1 Personal Trainer to 2 Clients

1 Personal Trainer to 1 Client 

Not one type is superior over another. Each type is determined by your individual needs and your personal preference as to how you like to train.

Unlike most other gyms and Personal Training companies we make prices clear from the outset. 

The way the industry traditionally does things is to draw clients in by making their services look cheap or offer significant discounts and then inflate prices once you are in.

We reward our loyal clients.

Here's how…
For our Personal Training members (we call these members TRANSFORM Members) we price the first session per week at £15 for BUDDY sessions, £25 for PARTNER sessions and £45 for PRIVATE sessions. 

Each TRANSFORM member also has unlimited gym access (value £45) and 1 coaching session per month (value £45) and the option to add unlimuted classes (value £65). All this is added into the TRANSFORM membership plans for a fraction of their £value.

For each personal training session our client would like in addition to 1 per week it is cheaper.

Here's how it works
2nd session = £12.5
3rd session = £11.5
4th session = £10.5

2nd session = £20
3rd session = £17.5
4th session = £15

2nd session = £35
3rd session = £30
4th session = £25

Getting Started
The best way to understand what is right for you is to start a FITISM Experience. We offer 2 types of FITISM Experiences and the one that involves Personal Training is called the TRANSFORM Experience.

The TRANSFORM Experience lasts for 2 weeks and is an opportunity to experience the different types of Personal Training options available, as well as our Coaching and Classes. The cost of the TRANSFORM Experience is £90 and there is no obligation to continue after 2 weeks if you find it is not for you.

To talk to a member of our team about the FITISM Experience apply here and we'll be in touch:


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