Pay As You Play

For those clients that do not want to purchase a membership we have pay as you go options to offer maximum flexibility.

How It Works

1 class = £10 - 1 month expiry
10 classes = £9 (£90 total) - 4 month expiry 
20 classes = £8 (£160 total) - 8 month expiry

Personal Training
1 BUDDY PT = £20
1 PARTNER PT = £30
1 PRIVATE PT = £50

Both our Personal Training and Class prices reduce significantly as part of a membership.

Here's how our memberships work

Booking a class or personal training session is really simple. 

Here are the steps

Download the free FITISM app by clicking the link below

STEP #2 
Create an account

Select 'Buy Services' and purchase the relevant service(s)

Select 'Classes' or 'Appointments' for Personal Training and get yourself booked in


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