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Learn how FITISM craft their 4 classes to get you strong, fit and mobile.

HIIT   |   RIDE   |   JAB   |   RESTORE

How It Works
Each class is designed to support your results in environments that inspire and motivate.

RIDE is not your average spin class. RIDE on state of the art bikes designed to condition and reshape your body. RIDE in environments designed to motivate, inspire and stimulate the senses. 

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is one of the most effective forms of exercise to condition and reshape your body. We pull, we push, we jump, we slam, we run and we lift. No barriers, no holding back. We HIIT it hard and we reap the rewards.

JAB will have you punching, kicking and moving. Incorporating explosive speed, footwork, core conditioning and strength.  JAB is the ultimate boxing fitness battle between you, your pads and your bag. 

RESTORE brings your body back to perfect posture through fluid, dynamic movements. A sensitive blend of pilates and yoga combined with the art of human movement that will challenge your body and rejuvenate your soul.

We offer maximum flexibility through pay as you play options or memberships. 

Pay As You Play
We fully recognise many people do not want to commit to a monthly membership. Our pay as you play options allows for maximum flexibility and zero commitment. 

1 session = £10
10 sessions = £9 (£90 total)
20 sessions = £8 (£160 total)

Booking a class is really simple. Here are the steps:

Download the free FITISM app by clicking the link below

STEP #2 
Create an account

Select 'Buy Services' and purchase the service(s) you want

Select 'Classes' find a class and time to suit you and get yourself booked in


We refer to our class members as PLAY Members.

A PLAY Membership is a fantastic way to make classes more cost effective if you are a regular class goer. And by regular we mean 2 or more classes per week and you will benefit from a membership.

The membership options also provide flexibility around the length of membership term: 3 months, 6 months or 12 months. Each offering cheaper rates the longer the term of membership.

3 months - £16p/w (£68p/m)
6 months - £15p/w (£65p/m)
12 months - £14p/w (£61p/m)
12 months paid upfront - 1 month free

Student membership
We also recognise many students do not want to pay monthly, especially university students coming back home for holidays. For students we offer a week by week membership option at £10 - students simply pay for the weeks they want.

Personal Training for PLAY Members
PLAY Members can also dip in and out of Personal Training as they choose. Here's how each of our personal training sessions are priced:

BUDDY PT - £20

Getting Started
The best way to understand what is right for you is to start a FITISM Experience. We offer 2 types of FITISM Experiences and the one that allows you to experience all our classes is called the PLAY Experience.

The PLAY Experience lasts for 2 weeks and is an opportunity to experience all the different classes we offer - giving you access to book as many classes as you choose throughout the 2 weeks. The cost of the PLAY Experience is £30 and there is no obligation to continue after 2 weeks if you find it is not for you.

To talk to a member of our team about the FITISM Experience apply here: 

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